Positions for Teen Educators, Youth Advocates, & Interns now available!

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Some applications still being accepted.

​PATCH stands for Providers and Teens Communicating for Health. We believe that for YOU (and other teens) to be your best self, you should be able to have open and honest conversations with a trusted health care provider. But for many, this often isn't the case. That's why PATCH exists! We want to make sure that ALL youth are able to get the health care they need and deserve.


In this program, we rely on YOU to be the expert and share what you know about being a teen, like: 

 - What are you/your peers' concerns about health care?

 - What are the things that make you like or dislike a health care provider?

 - How much do you or your friends know about your health care rights as a teen?

Teen Educators gain valuable leadership and advocacy experience, improved communication and presentation skills, access to interesting and up-to-date health information, and an opportunity to use their voice to create statewide change. Being a Teen Educator is paid job and also an impressive accomplishment to include on college applications and job resumes.

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Youth Advocacy Fellowship Applications continue to be accepted on a rolling basis (that means you can still apply as long as this note is here!).

Applications for these sites will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis (that means you can still apply as long as this note is here!).

PATCH Wisconsin celebrates diversity in every form including race, gender identity, ability status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, and all other identities. We encourage ALL interested teens to apply!


Internships may be paid or unpaid depending on site funding. Interns should be out of high school and should be able to dedicate 8-12 hours of time a week to work with PATCH. Additionally, interns must live in the community in which they are interning, though much of the work is independent/off-site.


Details for internships will be added as job descriptions are available but we anticipate internships available in Wausau & Madison, WI. Please review full job descriptions below for application instructions.

PATCH Staff will contact applicants to arrange interviews after the application deadline.  

Any candidate unavailable to participate in an interview or all of Teen Educator training cannot be hired.