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Looking for Youth Input?

Youth can play an extremely important role in enhancing adolescent health efforts; however existing structures of power often deter meaningful youth participation in decisions that impact their lives. To bridge this gap, PATCH Teen Consultants offer Consulting Sessions. These virtual meetings bring youth and professionals together, creating space for youth to voice their feedback and ideas and space for professionals to improve their projects and programs.


Consulting Sessions are typically 60-90 minute virtual, focus group-style meetings. Clients are supported throughout the process by a PATCH Coordinator who will support session preparation and facilitate the session itself, allowing clients to take notes, ask additional follow up questions, and answer questions raised by youth.


PATCH Teen Consultants are now open to scheduling consulting sessions! If you are interested in learning more information or would like to discuss setting up a session, please contact or click the button below to fill out a request. 

PATCH Teen Consultants have consulted on a wide variety of projects/programs, including: community messaging about sexual violence prevention, social and emotional health activities, sexual education curriculum, school policies around suicides and memorials, barriers to youth engagement in tobacco prevention programs, and many others! At this time, sessions are offered at no cost to the client, PATCH pays teens for their time.  

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