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PATCH Recommended Resources!

We believe youth need and deserve a well-rounded support system. So, as part of our mission we try to connect young people with youth-friendly, health-related resources! Below is a list of some of our favorite youth-friendly resources related to mental health, sexuality, gender identity, accessing and understanding health care, and general health and wellness. Our hope is that teens, as well as their support people (like parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, providers, and so many more) will find these resources helpful! 


Just click on the circle for the resource you're interested in to check them out. And, let us know if we're missing some of YOUR faves!

Social, Emotional, & Mental Health

Sexual Health & Gender Identity

Health Care Rights & Confidentiality

General Health & Wellness

These resources are some of our favorites because they are often:

  • Easy to read and easy to navigate

  • Youth friendly & prioritized the needs of teens

  • Free from judgement

  • Provided links to community specific resources and/or offered real-time support via text lines, help lines, etc.

  • Evidence based.

We try to keep resources up to date and relevant to the best of our ability. If a link isn't working or we're missing something you'd like us to consider you can always email us!

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