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About PATCH Milwaukee

PATCH is BACK in Milwaukee and relaunching a site in 2021 after a successful pilot from 2016-2018. We are eager to continue our work to improve adolescent health and health care experiences!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is our home base, but we are proud to hire a diverse team of Teen Educators each year from Milwaukee County!


 We are working hard to reach as many providers and teens as possible in southeastern Wisconsin and look forward to working with you! 

Teen Educator Applications are Open!

PATCH Milwaukee is still accepting applications for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS on a rolling basis (that means you can still apply as long as this note is here!). 

Training scheduled for September 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, & 25th. Attendance at training is mandatory!

Contact PATCH Milwaukee Staff

We'd love to talk to you!

Aryce is ready to answer your questions about: workshops, Teen Educator applications, joining the Community Advisory Team, or anything else!

E-mail us at Or, give us a call 414.671.3779.