PATCH Coulee Region

Working together to improve health care experiences

for youth in our community.

At PATCH Coulee Region we are passionate about improving adolescent health care experiences and, since 2018, we've been working directly with youth and health care professionals to do just that! 

Each year, 10-12 high school students are hired as Teen Educators to lead educational workshops with peers and health care professionals.


These youth experts are responsible for cultivating open and honest dialogue about adolescent health and prove that young voice do matter, because THEY are the experts.

Training, Enrichment, & Advocacy

Each year, the Coulee Region PATCH site hires a small, diverse team of 14-18 year old Teen Educators from La Crosse County and the surrounding communities. After a competitive application and interview process, our group of Teen Educators attends a 24-hour training process that prepares them for their role as workshop facilitators and advocates. In addition to training, Teen Educators participate in two enrichment meetings each month where they learn about and discuss a variety of health topics from trusted community sources. These learning experiences connect the teens with local resources and help them develop the skills needed to take control of their own health.

As PATCH employees, Teen Educators become expert presenters, powerful storytellers, health-care advocates, and reliable resources for their peers. For many teens, working for PATCH allows them to find their voice, develop their story, and identify their passions. Teen Educators use their knowledge and skills to empower other adolescents and inspire health care providers to make positive changes within their community.


PATCH Coulee Region offers two different educational workshops. Each workshop focuses on the Three R's of PATCH: Relationships, Rights, and Responsibility!


PATCH for Teens: Peer-to-Peer is an interactive 60-minute workshop. It is youth lead and focus on 'Getting the Care You Need and Deserve'! Teen Educators can lead with workshop with youth groups, student organizations or clubs, community centers, or any other place where adolescents gather to learn!


The PATCH for Providers workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience where health care professionals get the opportunity to engage with today's youth in a new way! The 90-minute teen-facilitated workshop will help health care professionals better serve adolescent patients. Teen Educators share their accurate and authentic insights into the concerns, preferences and realities that impact the health care experiences of today’s youth.

PATCH Coulee Region serves La Crosse County and neighboring communities across Western Wisconsin. Not sure if your location qualifies? We are always willing to visit adolescents and health care providers from around the region so don’t hesitate to reach out with your workshop request! We'd love to work with you!

Thanks to Our Supporters!

Contact PATCH Coulee Region Staff

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Our Site Coordinators, Angela & Brogan, can be reached at or by calling 608.881.8819.  


Our work would not be possible without the support from individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community! From donating time and energy to money and materials we simply couldn't do it without these people! You can show your support by joining our Community Advisory Team, Donating to PATCH, or even scheduling a workshop!

Community Advisory Team

The Community Advisory Team is a group of volunteer community members who provide ongoing support and oversight to local Program Sites. Current members include:

Karolee Behringer | Planned Parenthood of La Crosse

Kelli Cornett | Essential Health Clinic

Rick Cornforth | La Crosse County Board

Erin Gutowski | Gundersen Health System

Sarah Johnson | YMCA Community Teen Center

Judy Klevan | Gundersen Health System

Jennifer Kleven | Gundersen Health System

Keely Rees | UW-La Crosse Health Education

Bethany Their | Better Together

Financial Support & Donations


Wisconsin PATCH is a collaboration of several PATCH Sites. All of these sites are part of the PATCH Program. PATCH Dane County & PATCH Central WI are programs of WAWH. PATCH Coulee Region is supported in part by AMCHP, GMF, and EHC.

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