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Breakout Session 1.A -  

Bridging the Gap from Adolescent to Adult Health Care

Transitioning health care to an adult model of care is something we hope everyone experiences. But even though it is something most people experience, the latest data shows a vast majority of youth, with and without special health care needs, are reporting and unsuccessful transition. Health Care Providers may not understand the importance of helping young adults transition into adult care or have to tools to help young adults transition to adult care. Families are not aware of the changes that will occur when their child turns 18 and even before! Young adults have so much going on, health care may take a back seat to other transitions. BUT health is foundational to success at higher education, employment, independent housing and so much more. We will cover what Health Care Transition (HCT) is. We will

introduce participants to a Readiness Assessment that can be used to guide the transition process. We will examine 8 tools we have found vital to a successful health care transition.

Tim Markle, Madison WI


w/ youth presenters

Molly F. & Maranda M. 

Breakout Session 1.B -

Wait, Can I Say That? Respecting LGTBQ Youth Identity in Health-Focused Settings

During this session, participants will receive a brief LGBTQ 101 to cover the basics of labels, queer culture, taboos, and other information. The discussion will continue with how this translates into healthcare and how

professionals can be confident they are respecting an individual's identity while also ensuring proper care.

Bianca Dooley, La Crosse WI


w/ youth presenters

Liv Z. &  Maddie W. 

Breakout Session 1.C - 

Supporting Safe & Healthy Youth Relationships

1 in 3 youth will experience some type of abuse in their dating relationships before they reach adulthood. But only 1/3 of those youth will confide in an adult about what they're dealing with. If adults better understand what to look out for as signs of abuse and how to talk to youth and young people about relationships, we can change those numbers and prevent teen dating violence - and future abuse into adulthood. In this session we will cover what signs of abuse may look like in youth relationships, how adults can talk to youth about healthy versus unhealthy relationships and update adult understanding of what dating and dating abuse look like in the digital age in the face of the ever-changing nature of technology.

Kimberly Pufahl, Wausau WI


w/ youth presenters

Thomas L. & Eva H.

Breakout Session 2.A:

Partnering with Youth to Enhance Sexual Health Knowledge and Services

This session will focus on how to engage and partner with youth to

increase sexual health knowledge and improve sexual health services.

The discussion will center around youth-friendly care, how to effectively

partner with youth, and facilitating peer-peer education in regard to

sexual health services.

Stephanie Gramann, DNP, RN, CPNP

Madison WI


w/ youth presenters

Gaby B. &  Cameron H.

Breakout Session 2.B - 

Using Trauma Informed Care to Improve Your Practice

This session will focus on understanding what trauma and trauma

informed care is and how it can be applied in a health care setting. This

model of Trauma Informed care is based on the Sanctuary model. The

session will focus on both understanding what trauma can look like in

our patients, and also how healthcare professionals can be affected in an

organization when under stress. One of the tools will be applied during

this session as a way to promote resilience and safety in the workplace.

Stacey Pangratz & 

Heather Paradis, MD

Milwaukee WI


w/ youth presenters

Delaney B. & Ava K.

Stacey Pangratz & 

Heather Paradis, MD

Milwaukee WI


w/ youth presenters

Delaney B. & Ava K.

Breakout Session 2.C -

Vaping and Teens: The Perfect Storm for a Public Health Disaster

The vaping epidemic is here posing challenges for teens, parents, schools, providers and public health. Teens naturally seek novel exciting experiences that also can engage them with their peers. Vaping and nicotine delivery products have been designed to appeal to the young with media messages, on-line/unrestricted sale, flavors, flashy colors and concealable devices. We know the health effects of tobacco that is smoked or chewed. We are now learning the negative effects of these new nicotine inhalation systems including cavities, acute lung injury and even death. Learn the products, the risks, issues and the specific vulnerability of teens to these products which will be covered in this presentation. A teen will add perspective of the young facing the pressure to vape. We will discuss what we all can do to identify and help teens who are using and becoming addicted to vaping.

James Meyer, MD

Marshfield WI


w/ youth presenters

Emma M. & Jessica L. 

Breakout Session 3.A -

Journey to Becoming a Certified Adolescent-Centered Environment: Insight from Marshfield Clinic Health System

This session will describes the journey of two Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) departments as they partnered with the University of Michigan Adolescent Health Institute and Health Care Education and Training through a detailed evaluation and implementation process of improving care to adolescents. The evaluation and training resulted in MCHS achieving certification recognition from University of Michigan Adolescent Health Institute. This presentation describes in detail, changes made over an 18-month period to achieve certification and discusses the continuing efforts being made by the health system to improve care provided to adolescent patients and create a welcoming environment where adolescent patients feel welcomed and empowered to advocate for their own health.

Penny Funk, RN

Marshfield WI


w/ youth presenters

Allie W. & Macy E.

Breakout Session 3.B -

Reframing HPV: What Teens Want You to Know About Pleasure as Prevention

Can pleasure join the conversation already? When we teach STIʼs as pathology, kids donʼt know what to do when they get one. When we talk about the Gardacil vaccine as an ʻanti-cancerʼ shot, teens still donʼt know how to prevent it. Teen focus groups are telling us they want what is supposed to be theirs: access to quality information, quality health care, A holistic approach to pleasure welcomes all of us to the table. Pleasure is something we all understand. Pleasure as prevention allows us to take this conversation to a new place, one that centers fluidity, intersectionality, consent and wellness. Please join us for a candid panel discussion on pleasure, HPV, Gardacil and revention.

Tess Ellens, RN, BSN & 

Meg Collins, RN BSN CWCN

Madison WI


w/ youth presenters

Maggie D. & Jordan B.

Breakout Session 3.C -

Perspectives on Youth's Digital Lives: What Are the Real Risks and Opportunities

The interaction between adolescents and technology is complex, poorly understood, and often misrepresented by popular media. The purpose of our session is to promote in healthcare professionals a greater understanding of the digital landscape inhabited and created by youth. Specifically, we will combine our teamʼs extensive research expertise and experience on adolescent technology use with the integration of youthʼs actual perspectives. The workshop will begin with a discussion of why youth voices are important in research related to technology and health. Participants will then be invited to consider perspectives on adolescent technology use as presented in research, news media, and most importantly, in youthʼs own words. We will identify areas of overlap and discrepancy between the largely adult-drivenconversation on adolescent technology use and the actual, lived experience of adolescents in the digital space. Next, youth will share perspectives on key priorities in research and healthcare and suggest productive pathways for improvement in both areas. The workshop will conclude with a question and answer session in which participants may ask questions of both the youth presenters and research team members. Participants will leave with a fuller appreciation

of how those in healthcare can be of service to youth in regards to their technology use while being sensitive to the important role that technology plays in youthʼs daily lives.

Brad Kerr, MS & Anna Joliff, MS

Madison WI 

w/ youth presenters

Josh P., Kelly J., Nora W., & Maggie S.